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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 10

This week we’re back to stats and don’t worry if you’re bored now, this will be our last stats episode for this series.

The Playback Location stat is pretty self explanatory. This stat tells you where on the web people are watching your videos. There are a variety of different categories and which ones you see will be determined by your viewers' viewing habits. The main ones however relate to people watching on YouTube itself, on mobile devices and places you’ve embedded you video externally.

From my Creator Studio I click on Analytics and then Playback Locations. As with other stats this gives an overview for the whole channel for the last 28 days. The vast majority of my viewers are watching from the YouTube Watch page for each of my videos. I want to narrow down my search to a particular video, so I search for it in the bar at the top and I also want to look at the whole lifetime of the video so I select that from the dropdown.

I’ll then click on Embedded in external websites and Apps. I can now see the various places that I’ve embedded the video and how well they’re doing. It’s immediately clear that the 4n website is the external place where most people have viewed my video and also that they have watched more of the video than the people who have been watching on my website.

As with the Traffic sources stat a few week ago, the usefulness of this stat comes in knowing which of your strategies for getting people to watch your videos are working. Armed with this knowledge you can either focus on areas that are doing poorly or you can drop them entirely and focus on areas that are already doing well and improve them further.

And that’s it. Next week we have a special video looking at the benefits of collaborating with other channels on videos.