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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 13

Welcome to the final episode of this series of Youtube Tips for Business. Don’t worry Imago Video will continue to make videos on this channel, but this series was always intended to run for 13 episodes. I’ll be taking a brief break before return in a few weeks with a new series on tips for actually filming your content. Also if you have further questions about YouTube please do get in touch via any of the methods in the End Screen or by dropping me an email.

This week we’re looking at Channel Art.
When someone visits your channel for the first time you want to grab them visually and the main way of doing this is by setting your Channel Art. This is the banner that appears at the top of the screen. What makes it a little tricky is that the size and shape of this image varies depending on which device you’re using to view YouTube. 
On my mobile for example the channel page looks like this…

2018-03-28 13.46.09.png

And my on Desktop it looks like this…


On a TV it will again look different with much more of the image visible.


Youtube have a helpfully created a template that details all the possible sizes to help you when making your Channel Art. You can download that here.

The most important aspects of your design therefore have to fit into that smallest rectangle in the middle. But you still want it too look good at bigger sizes.

I realise that for most of you this isn’t something that you can design easily yourself, but I suspect you’ll already have someone who designed your logo that you can go back to. Just point them in the direction of that template and they can get to work on making your logo an branding work for YouTube.

Once you have an image it’s very easy to upload. From your channel click on Customise Channel and then hover your mouse over the banner at the top. Click on the pen symbol and then select Edit Channel Art. From here simply select your image from your computer and Click Open.

And there you have it. That’s it for this series of Youtube Tips for Business. See you in a few weeks with a new series.