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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 9

This week’s episode is all about using Cards.

Just a quick note for mobile users before we get started. If you use the web browser on your phone there’s a good chance that features like Cards and End Screens won’t work for you. To follow what's going on in this and other videos you’ll need to download the YouTube App on your phone or move over to your computer.

Cards are another way of providing links within your videos to other videos, playlists and channels. You can also use them to poll your viewers and if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program you can link to externally approved websites. You can have a maximum of five cards in one video.

The easiest way to demonstrate how cards work is to watch the video above. You should see the first little banner in the top right hand corner of the screen at abut 45 seconds suggesting another video you can watch. This banner will be visible for a few seconds during which time you can click on it. Don’t worry if you miss it however as the card ‘i’ symbol will reappear at any time if you move you mouse over the video or tap the video with a finger if you are on mobile.

When you click the banner or the ‘i’ all the cards for this video will appear in a list that you can scroll through. The benefit of clicking on the banner when it appears is that you will jump straight to that link in the list without having to scroll.

The great thing about clicking on a link to another video, channel or playlist using Cards on a computer is that the video you are watching pauses and the new video opens in another window. This means that you can easily come back to the original video once you have watched the suggested video.

You can make a poll with up to five response options. Once you’ve voted you’ll be able to see the current stats on how the poll is doing. If your poll is time sensitive you might want to mention this in the video and then remove that card once the poll closes. You could then publish the results in a comment below the video.

And that’s it for this week’s blog. But, I hear you saying, we haven't been told how to add these Cards to our videos. Well, I didn’t want this  to run too long so I’ve made a second video which you can see below. This video is also accessible via the final card in the above video.

Next week we’re looking at our final set of statistics for this series which are Playback Location stats