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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 6

This week we’re looking at Channel Videos.

When someone visits your channel for the first time you want to get them to stay and watch lots of your content. One way to help with this is by having a channel trailer for new visitors.

YouTube allows you to set a particular video as the main feature on your channel for people who aren’t yet subscribed to you.
If someone has already subscribed to you then you can select different content for them to view as they should have already seen you channel trailer.

Let’s dive in. From your channel click on Customise Channel. There are two tabs near the top, one called For Returning Subscribers where we are now and the other For new visitors.

If you move your mouse over the top section an edit icon will appear in the top right. Click on that and you’ll be able to edit the section. On the right is a dropdown where you can change between Latest Upload and Latest Activity. Alternatively on the left you can set Feature Content. Simply click the button and choose one of your videos.

Now let’s go to For New Visitors. If you haven’t set a channel trailer then this is what you’ll see. Click the add Channel Trailer button and select one of your videos. To change it simply click the edit icon, click change trailer and select a different video.

And that’s it, you now have control over what visitors to your channel see when they arrive. Next week we’re looking at how you can see where your viewers are coming from.