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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 8

This week we’re talking about playlists.

Playlists are a way of arranging your videos so that your viewers can easily watch a whole series of them without clicking the next one. If you’ve watched any of the previous videos in this series in their week of release you’ll have seen me direct you to a playlist of all the videos in it.

Aside from clicking on a link in a video you can also get to playlists from your channel page. On my channel page there are a bunch of playlists and the YouTube Tips for Business is at the top. If I click on that and the first video begins to play.

The screen looks similar to the usual watch page for a YouTube video. However over on the right you now have the list of videos in the playlist that you are watching. If you leave it it will play through each video in turn or you can click on any video in the list to skip to that.

There are several ways to add a video to a playlist. You can do it from the video watch page. Click the + icon next to SHARE and click the playlist you want, or you can click to create a new one. This works from any video so you can add other people’s videos to your lists if you wish. This is especially useful for me as it allows me to showcase content I’ve made for others.

Another way to add to a playlist is to do so while you’re uploading a video. Use the Add to playlist dropdown on the upload page when you’re entering all the other information about a video. You can also add several videos at once from your video manager. Simply click the checkbox next to all the videos you want to add and then click the Add to button at the top before selecting your required list.

And that’s it. Next week we’re looking at using Cards in your videos.