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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 7

This week we’re looking at stats again. I promise they are interesting. Specifically I want to show the Traffic sources stat.

YouTube tracks how each person ended up watching each of your videos. Using this data you can see what sources are driving most people towards you content and therefore make better use of your resources when it comes to promoting it.

There’s so much to explore within this one data set that I’m just going to show you one example and then you can dig around on your own channel and see the rest for yourself.

We start off in Creator Studio and click Analytics on the left. Then select Traffic Sources from the list. The default setting is for the last 28 days across all videos. I want to look for a specific video so I search for it in the bar at the top. I also want to see data across it’s whole lifetime so I change the dropdown.

At the bottom I see a variety of categories, most of which refer to sources within YouTube itself. This is great as its means that people are staying in my bit of YouTube having watched other videos I’ve made. I want to look at the External option though to see where people are coming from outside of YouTube.

I click External and immediately I can see that most of my external traffic is coming from Facebook. I can now use this to develop my strategy for future videos. I can either tweet more to see if it boosts my Twitter numbers or I could say let’s focus more on Facebook and see if I can boost views that way.

I’ll review these stats every month to see how they’re charging and therefore see what’s working.

And that’s it. Next week we’re looking at building playlists.