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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 5

End Screens are the bit at the end of your video where you publicise other videos and your channel. The idea is to keep people in your bit of YouTube for as long as possible absorbing your content.

They are made of two parts. The first is whatever you put in the video for those final seconds. The second is the links that you overlay once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube. For example this is what one of mine looks like at the first stage and the second stage.

An End Screen can be up to 20 seconds long. I tend to always use the full 20 seconds to give people more time to think about which link to click.
There are four possible elements that you can use and up to four possible slots to put them in. Some options can only be used once and others multiple times.

Option 1 is to link to a playlist or video. This can be any Public or Unlisted video on YouTube, not just your own. If you’re linking to someone else's Unlisted video it’s polite to ask their permission first. Mostly though you’ll be wanting to link to your own videos.

Option 2 is the Subscribe button.

Option 3 is promoting another Channel. This is useful if you have more than one channel or if you’ve collaborated on a video with another YouTuber and want to promote their stuff. More on collaborating in a future episode.

Option 4 is only available if you join the YouTube Partner Programme. They’ve just made it much more difficult to join so it’s unlikely that you’ll qualify. Under the new rules you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months to apply.

To add these elements to your video find the video in your video manager and then click edit. Then simply click End Screen & Annotations at the top.

Click the Add Element button and then choose an option from the list. I’m going to add a link to a video. I then click 'Choose a video or playlist' and select which of my videos I want.

Finally I click Create Element and the link is added to my End Screen. I can move it around and there’s a helpful grid to help me line it up.
Keep adding elements until you’re happy and then click Save.

And that’s it. Next week we’ll be looking at Channel Videos.