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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 4

Statistics. No, don’t run away. I’m not going to bamboozle you with figures, but I do want to look at one really important measure of how your videos are doing.

The number you’re probably most familiar with is Views. You’ll find this number underneath the title of the video on the left of the page. It also appears behind the scenes in your Dashboard and Video Manager. Whilst this gives you a figure for how many people have started to watch your video it could be that they’ve all stopped watching after a few seconds. What we need to do is to look at your Audience Retention figures.

If you’ve never looked at your stats before then follow me and we’ll take a look. We start by going to Creator Studio which you’ll find in the dropdown menu in the top right. Next you’ll click on Analytics in the sidebar and a whole list of options comes up. You’re looking for Audience Retention which is the second option in the third section.

The headline figures are at the top where you can see your Average View Duration. This is the average time for each view across all your videos. Then next to that you have Average Percentage Viewed which converts that time into a percentage.

To have a look at a specific video you can use the search box at the top or simply click on it’s name in the list at the bottom. You now have a graph of percentage against time for your video. This is helpful because it can help you identify at what point your message causes people to switch off. It also helps you to see how many people have actually made it to your call to action.

In this example I can see that a majority of people make it through to the point at which I stop speaking. Which is a positive result. In this example on the other hand only about 25% make it as far as my call to action. In future videos of that sort I’ll need to rethink my strategy.

Next week we’re looking at how to use End Screens, i.e. the bit of the video you’re about to watch.