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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 3

It's week three of YouTube Tips for business and this week we're looking at the kind of content you might use in your videos.

Last week’s video and much of the rest of this series assumes that you already have some video content planned or at least some ideas of what you might do. I realise though, that some of you may be a step further back so before we crack on with more YouTube specific tips in the coming weeks I thought I’d make some suggestions about what you could make videos about.

First it’s important to talk about equipment. The good news is that you don’t need all the professional kit that I’m using. You should rightly hold me to a higher standard which is why I make the videos this way, but you can be a lot more rough and ready. All you need is a smart phone and some good light. You could add a microphone but as long as you're reasonably close the one on your phone will suffice.

So what are you going to talk about?
This is an opportunity to give little snippets of your expertise that whet potential clients’ appetites. You can demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about, but leave enough unsaid such that a viewer has to follow whatever call to action you give at the end of your video.

You could tell stories, stories that relate to your business. You could talk about what has happened with a particular client this week and how you’ve helped them. You could talk about developments in your field. You could take Q&A from you audience. Once you’ve established a following you could make this a regular part of your schedule, maybe do a Q&A video every month or so.

The important thing as we established last week is to keep it regular. The more you do it the more relaxed you become and the easier the whole process is.

Next week we’re looking at one of the ways YouTube’s detailed statistics can help you improve your videos. It’s not as boring as it sounds.