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YouTube Tips for Business - Episode 2: Scheduling

It’s week 2 of this series on YouTube tips and this week we get down to it with a look at scheduling.

It’s really important in trying to build an audience to be regular. Whether you have a fortnightly, weekly or even daily show your viewers need to have an expectation about when you’ll pop up next. In my case you’ll see me every Thursday at noon and I can guarantee that because I upload each video days or even weeks in advance using YouTube’s Scheduling option.

Let’s dive in. Click on the upload icon. Wherever you are on YouTube you’ll always find it in the top right corner.

Episode 2.00_00_35_19.Still001.jpg

Next you need to change the dropdown to Scheduled before selecting your video for upload.

Episode 2.00_00_44_21.Still002.jpg

Whilst it’s uploading you can fill in any information as you would usually do, but the important thing is to schedule the video for the correct time. I’m scheduling this one for Thursday the 4th at 12.00.

Episode 2.00_01_01_14.Still003.jpg

You can add your video to a playlist at this point but it won’t allow visitors to the playlist to watch the video until it’s been published.

Episode 2.00_01_07_10.Still004.jpg

Once you’re happy click the Publish button. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about everything as you can always come back and change anything before your video goes live.

Episode 2.00_01_17_04.Still005.jpg

And that’s it. Your video is scheduled. You now have a regular time slot to publicise so that your viewers can hear from you at the same time every week.