Conference Packages

Pre-Production and Filming

Once you have accepted a quote from us we will enter pre-production on your project. This involves liaising with you as to your specific requirements, but typically involves the following:

- Finding out the sound arrangements at your venue. We can then decide whether to use a sound feed from your sound desk or whether to bring our own microphone kit. This will include lapel mics for speakers and boom mic for covering audience participation in Q&A sessions.

- Agreeing on camera placement.

- Agreeing on coverage of Power Point presentations (for further details see 'Additional Editing' below)

- Parking and other logistical arrangements.

The conference will then be filmed according to your requirements.

Basic Editing (included in quoted price)

Talks will be edited along the following lines:

- Each talk will begin with your logo or other agreed branding.

- An introduction slide detailing the conference, the talk and the speaker will follow.

- Speaker introduction captions will appear as each speaker begins to talk.

- Audio balancing work will be carried out to match all audio sources.

- Talks will be exported by default to YouTube specifications unless you specify otherwise.

Additional Editing (charged at additional hourly rate)

Power Point and other visual media are difficult to capture in the same image as a speaker. We therefore focus our filming on the speaker. If you require Power Point presentations to be incorporated into the final videos we can do so in the following way:

- A second camera will record reference footage of the screen.

- The Power Point file will be converted into images and synchronised with the footage of the speaker using the reference footage as a guide.

- The Power Point images will then be displayed side by side with the footage of the speaker in an arrangement agreed with you (to see some examples watch the video above).

Editing time is entirely dependent on the complexity of the Power Point presentation. We will give you an estimate once we've filmed the conference and keep you up to date as we edit.